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"A 25th Infantry Division headquarters journal record at 10 p.m. ('2200') on July 26, 1950, that Gen. Kean has decided civilians in the war zone should be 'considered as unfriendly and shot.'"

NGR docts 12.tif
An Air Force after-mission report recounting the details of Mission 35-11 which was conducted by the 35th Fighter Bomber Squadron of the 8th Fighter Bomber Group on July 26, 1950.

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A four part message from 8th Army Headquarters to front-line units relating information about the controlled movement of all refugees to all commands.

A memo from Colonel C. Rogers to General Timberlake which states that "The army has requested that we strafe all civilian refugee parties" and recommends that "a policy be established whereby Fifth Air Force aircraft will not attack civilian…

MuccioLetter as PDF.pdf
A letter from John J. Muccio to Dean Rusk, explaining the refugee problem and relating the six decisions consequently made by G-1, G-2, Provost Marshall, CIC, the Embassy, the Home and Social Affairs Ministries, and the Director of National Police.
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