Survivors say about 400 people were killed at No Gun Ri, although documents filed with their claim list only 120 names. This discrepancy may be due to the fact that many families were wiped out entirely, leaving no one to report their deaths. Other victims or their families have since scattered across Korea and have not joined the claim.

Several victims are noted only by family name. These are women and children for the most part. Korean customs at the time of the incident offer an explanation as to why full names aren't known:

-- Infant mortality was so high in the 1950s that many Korean parents did not register their children's births until a few years had passed. Many did not even name them.

-- Families often registered housewives by their last names only in family lineage books. When a man had more than one wife, she was often not registered.

Name, sex, estimated age at time of death

From Chu Gok Ri

From Im Ke Ri

From elsewhere

Seo Byong-jik m 46 - Lee Ja-son f 69 - Kal Kun-ok m 81
Seo Mun-sam m 65 Yang Hae-yong m 17 Kal Yong-i m 54
Kim Il-soon f 50 Yang Hae-in m 4 Song Jae-ok f 14
Lee Soon-kum f 52 Yang Ke-soon f 42 Lee Soon-sok f 46
Chung Koo-ok f 22 Chung Hyun-mook m 2 Sohn Hyun-kyu m 43
Chung Koo-soon f 27 Chung Jo-woong m 26 Koo Chul-dong m 54
Kim Kook-hun m 3 Chung Jong-rae m 7 Koo Hoi-woo m 21
Hwang Eun-young f 44 Park Chil-bong m 41 Chang Man-im f 54
Chung Young-sook f 3 Kim Dal-jae m 66 Park Hee-soon f --
Lee Sung-nam f 50 Won Ho-yol f 13 Lee, her daughter f 1
Kim Ke-soon f 19 Sohn Im-soon f 14 Kim Jam-sun f 46
Nam Hee-yong f 39 Sohn Sang-tae m 42 Kim Takami f 8
Chung Young-hee f 20 Lee, his wife f 40 Kim Kimbo m 21
Chung Jong-ja f 3 Sohn f 10 Kim Shigeo m 19
Chung Jin-koo m 1 Park Chang-ha m 24 Lim Kannan-i f 44
Park Young-soon f 47 Park's wife f 22
Seo Kan-nani f 5 Park, his son m 1
Min Young-ok f 32 Park June-ha m 52
Chung Soon-ye f 3 Sohn Soon-nam f 50
Chung Koo-sung m 1 Kim Im-soon f 26
Chun Kyong-moon m 54 Lim Soon-ja f 3
Kim Ae-shim f 31 Park Nae-yong m 42
Chun Tae-bom m 2 Yang Mal-soon f 39
Chun Joon-pyo m 26 Park Sang-ha f 12
Chung, his wife f 23 Park Hwa-soon f 5
Chung Koo-pil m 5 Lee Bong-yong m 51
Chung Koo-hee f 2 Kim Kap-yon f 46
Kim Dae-hak f 44 Lee Won-shik m 17
Chang Won-ki m 23 Lee Young-shik m 16
Park Myong-ja f 4 Lee Chang-shik m 14
Park Il-yong m 2 Lee Dal-soon f 11
Park Young-koo m 3 Lee Bong-ja f 55
Kim f 40 Cho Dae-in m 3
Sohn Jong-i f 62
Park Chang-ki m 4
Cho Chung-koo m 50
Chung Sun-boon f 45
Cho Chong-rae f 16
Cho Nam-yol m 13
Cho Kil-jin m 10
Cho Nam-gak m 3
Lee f 61
Song Jae-soon f 20
Kim Im-soon f 25
Lee Jong-son f 15
Lee Jong-sop m 12
Kim Choon-boon f 45
Chun Young-ja f 18
Lee f 71
Kim Cha-soon f 51
Lee Bok-soon f 40
Ahn Moon-sam m 73
Kang Soon-hee f 55
Park f 22
Ahn m 17
Park f 40
Kim m 18
Kim m 15
Kim f 11
Cho Hong-koo m 31
Cho Dong-soon m 55
Lee, his wife f --
No Rang-i m 40
His wife f --
Their son m 2
Chung Pan-sok m 58
Park, his wife f 55
Chung Jin-joo m 15
Chung Soon-duk f 12
Chung Soon-mo m 7
Min Eun-soon f 21
Cho (An infant boy born and killed in the tunnel)